Battleship Cove 2017

Echos of the past truly came alive as Scouts where transported back 70 years and served as “green” sailors aboard the USS Massachusetts on 12/3/17.  Between scrambling up and down the 9 decks, manning the guns, exploring, and the most ultimate game of hide and seek, these boys truly worked up an appetite.. Thankfully a “delicious” dinner of “yellow things” was served, which was apparently a favorite in the 1940’s. Inquisitive Scouts lived the history of this massive decorated battleship and also explored the destroyers and submarines nearby. Hunkering down for the night, and sleeping in bunks four tall, Moms and Dads also got to join in the fun.. Finally, as taps was playing and the lights flickered off, the faint sounds of sailors of a bygone era could be heard throughout the night.. That and some giggling Scouts and Snoring parents.



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