Chef Steve Cardello of Relish with Pack 539 Den #1

Do you have something fun and educational to share with our youngsters?

Our boys enjoy visiting museums, business establishments, parks, and other attractions. Here are some examples:

  • How Things Are Made - manufacturing plants such as aircraft, automotive, appliance, or electronic firms; chemical, paper, plastic, paint, furniture, or toy plants; and handicrafts or other small-craft industries.

  • How Our Community Runs - power, water, and sewage plants; a gas company; police and fire stations; city hall; municipal buildings; the county jail; a telephone company; the post office; the Red Cross; hospitals; newspaper plants; and radio, television, and weather stations.

  • How Our Community Is Fed - truck and dairy farms, flour mills, and bakeries; food processing, canning, or bottling plants; stockyards and meat or poultry packing houses; a fish hatchery; beverage, candy, and ice-cream companies; markets; and food distributors.

  • Learning About Our Heritage - art galleries, museums, and memorials; celebrated old homes, monuments, and other historic sites; places of worship; civic centers; important local buildings; summer theaters and band concerts; and local historical celebrations.

Please feel free to contact us with your ideas.